8 Week Challenge Testimonials




I started Ashley’s Becoming Badass Bootcamp in April of 2015 after hearing about it from a friend and meeting Ashley at my very first 5K Mud Run.  I have been an avid walker/hiker for years but was looking for something different due to plateau in weight and body shape.  So I thought I would give Ashley’s bootcamp a try.  I remember my very first bootcamp – I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through but had such an enjoyable experience.  It was different than anything I had done in the past – which I have always been active doing something – boxercise, aerobics, step class, softball, I have always tried to stay active. None of this compares to an experience at bootcamp.  And just when you think you have done everything, Ashley will throw out a new exercise to challenge you.  I remember after about 4 months of bootcamp feeling like it was my first bootcamp again.  Ashley has an amazingly passion to help others to become physically fit.  She makes every bootcamp challenging and creative and is always challenging me to give it my all and do things I never thought I could do, especially at 50 years old.  Ashley has an extreme knowledge of fitness and encourages everyone at bootcamp to give it our all. 

I joined Ashley’s 8 week bootcamp challenge in October.  What a challenge it has been with great results.  The daily workouts, the food plan and the weekly/daily challenges have been quite an experience pushing me to accomplish many physical firsts.  It started with my first 5k run to my first 10k run, my first gallon of water in a day, to many other accomplishes I have been very proud to achieve.  It is very exciting to run a 10k for the first time and actually able to run (or jog) the whole distance. 

Ashley makes each bootcamp and workout challenging, creative and fun.  She has definitely motivated me to push myself to limits to get results.  I have improved my energy level, strength, my balance, and flexibility – and I have muscles in places I never had before. 

The passion Ashley has for fitness and her clients is easy to see at every bootcamp and has made improving my physical and mental fitness a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.




I wanted to lose some weight, be fit and healthy to set a good example for my kids, but I needed motivation but didn’t know how as I never really worked out before. My daughter was upset one day and asked me when she gets older will she have a tummy like mine because she didn’t want one. That hit me hard and that’s when I realized I was also their role model physically. So I started making changes cooking “healthy” meals at home and only ate In & Out Friday nights. We would go for hikes with the kids as our exercise. I was feeling like I am doing good.

I ran into Ashely at Pelona Park while she was doing a bootcamp class and I stopped in my tracks and had to watch for a minute. I was intrigued but I know this kind of workout is not for me. Me in bootcamp haha I then saw the way Ashley was coaching, strict but not so much, she was also soft and humorous so I found myself walking up to her inquiring about how to get signed up.

This is when my life had begun to change. I looked forward to the bootcamps, the strength I was getting just after one session, The team she has is welcoming and my kids noticed my enthusiasm and now they also looked forward working out.

Then came the 8week challenge. I was skeptical, as I mentioned before I was already cooking “healthy” at home and Im already doing bootcamp along with hiking with kids. How can the 8week challenge possibly help me. I hesitated, bugged Ashley with questions. Ashley is a great coach ,she is determined, strong and fit. Great role model. Let's do this all I can do is gain from here. 

Man was I in for a surprise. My cooking at home wasn’t as healthy as I thought, The way I eat now makes me feel amazing. I have more energy and just feel healthy. The workouts definitely kick my butt but I always feel so proud of myself when I complete them. I have learned to push myself or as Ashley says “get out of your comfort zone”  My kids noticed my physical appearance and said mom your belly is almost gone. That’s a bitter sweet compliment for me.

I can’t thank you enough, I now know how to eat right, push myself and I’m looking forward to continuing to be your client.









Ok so I’ve been going to this boot camp ever sense it start and I have to say that it is the best choice I have ever made.  To be honest when I first heard about it I almost didn’t go.   I saw this random message on Facebook from Ashley say that if anyone was interested in a challenge to let her know.  I had just started training with her and always thought during the training that she was trying to kill me, so I was a little nervous to find out what she was talking about.  Well a couple minutes later I decided to respond to the message and next thing I know I was added to a group called Becoming Badass Boot camp and it went from there.  Ever sense then I have not only seen a big change in myself, both physically and mentally, but have gotten to see everyone else in the group change as well.  Through this boot camp I have done so many thing that I never thought I would be able to do and met so many amazing people that share the same interest in fitness and have the same goals that I do.   I have to say that is the best thing about this group, I not only get a kickass workout but I get to be surrounded by people that are there to help push me a little harder, go a little fast, and help push me out of my comfort zone.  It’s an awesome feeling knowing that their so many people there to support me and that I can be there to help them; just knowing that is what helps motivate me to constantly challenge myself and keep going.  And all this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the badass herself, Ashley Seeger.  I know when I first met her I thought this girl is crazy, wanting me to do all these burpees and other crazy exercises but learned after a while that it was just tough love.  All I know is that I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for all her help.  I couldn’t ask for a more motivating and inspiring person to lead us.   So keep doing what you’re doing Ashley and thank you for everything.




I just wanted to thank you for all you've done in helping me reach my fitness and health goals. Thank you for giving me a new perspective on food and eating to fuel by body. As you know when I first started training with you I never ate regularly but was still overweight. I have  learned and grown with your help and motivation. I appreciate you always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone! You have definitely inspired me to keep pushing and get it done. With your help and training I am reaching my goals and setting new ones. I am no longer "dieting" but have found a new love for eating the right foods. After winning the 4 week challenge I continue to food prep and stay on track. I no longer live by the scale and am working everyday to maintain a fit and healthy body. The 4 week challenge was a mental and emotional challenge for me as well as physical. The first week was fine I was all pumped!  Then week 2 was when the emotions kicked in. Quitting was never an option but the week seemed to drag on lol. And trying new machines and weights was definitely out of comfort for me.  I will never forget crying at the smith machine and texting you from the gym lol. Thank you for your patience and your support. No matter how many times I texted you with questions or comments. I was so focused on eating on time and getting thru the workouts that week 3 seemed to breeze by. Keeping plugged in with bootcamp and your group classes helped me a lot. Week 4 was amazing and I cool feel the excitement every time I saw the other bootcampers!  Thank you for planning that trip to Santa Monica Stairs the camaraderie and support during the challenge was such a blessing!  I could not have transformed my body and mind without your training and support and that of the other bootcamp members. I look forward to setting and meeting new goals with your help and training. Thank you!!!!


“I met Ashley about a year ago when I decided to TRY cycle. I had heard if I was going to take cycle, hers was the one to take.  After leaving that class barely able to walk, I knew she was the one that would be able to get my ass in gear, and I had to train with her.  I started with her group trainings, and then after that decided to take the plunge, and do one on one sessions . It wasn’t until half way through those, that I actually started following directions, and listening to her when it came to my meal plans.  I am a big eater, and always felt that as long as I worked out, I could eat whatever I wanted.  She, in her very direct way, told me that I was full of crap and I would never get the results I wanted, if I didn’t change my whole life style, not just the things that I wanted.  In January she came to me and asked how I would feel about doing bootcamp workouts outside.  By then I was an Ashley believer, and would pretty much do anything she suggested, so I told her I was in. Bootcamp has been such an amazing addition to my life. I love the support and comradery  that everyone has.  Everyone not only pushes each other, but they support each other, it’s an amazing group, and is always changing and making me push my limits.   I can easily say that meeting Ashley and having her as my trainer, my bootcamp instructor and my friend has changed my life completely!!!  I am stronger, more confident, and am genuinely happier in life.  I can do things and have accomplished things I never thought possible, and today I am in the best shape of my life and I am strong!  I work out now because I enjoy it, and I am excited to see the changes to my body.” 



Being a former Div. 1 athlete, I was looking for something that challenged me like my athletic workouts did. I found it with Badass Bootcamp! I needed a workout that was more than what I was doing, to push me further towards my goals. Ashley is an amazing instructor that knows how to make you work harder than you ever have. I absolutely love the workout and can't wait for Badass Bootcamp every week!

Thanks Ashley! You are so inspiring!