It's been about 4 weeks post injury and let me start off by saying the human body is absolutely amazing. I been asked on the daily how I am feeling and every time I  respond with, "Great!" or "Fucken fabulous!" I would be lying if i said it has been a tough 4 weeks. Of course I had my moments, but I have been eager to get this machine of mine to tip top shape for surgery. 

Surgery date is set for March 16th and seeing how my body has responded in the past 4 weeks, I can't imagine what another 4 will do. Currently I am doing physical therapy twice a week  (prehab), I do it on my own everyday, I lift weights 4-5 times a week and have been able to teach all my classes besides a few ( not because I can't physically, but that is a whole other story). Most recently I have been able to use the elliptical, regular bike (no spin bike yet) and the rower for my cardio. I definitely do not break a sweat like I do in cycle or while I run, but it will do! Doing my weight training I have realized how much you use your lower body for a lot of exercises and have had to adjust accordingly.

Whenever I go to physical therapy they ask, "On a scale of 1-10, what is your pain today?" Zero is usually my answer. I am not in pain, but the instability is what gets me, along with the tightness. I feel the emotional pain more than anything! Seeing friends run and race gets me pumped up! I can not wait to just trot with my bootcampers and just keep up with them. When I get to get in simple yoga poses I am reminded that it is the little things that mater. Small victories are made daily and through the next few weeks I look forward to making some serious progress. Lets not forget my knee is starting to look a lot like the other again!


Progress not perfection!