For most you know, Becoming Badass is a bootcamp I started back in 2014 and since then have had an opportunity to help others become something they never thought. Yes, the bootcamp is intense. Yes, I have easily convinced others to run Spartan races and try new challenges. And YES, perspectives have been changed, including mine. 

The term "Badass" isn't just about the physical accomplishments, but about the mental, emotion and spiritual accomplishments as well. When starting your journey, whether it is with Becoming Badass or just starting a new goal you are already taking a step towards a new attitude. Throughout the journey, which should ultimately be your lifestyle change, you will have obstacles. Obstacles that will test your physical abilities along with the mental. Through experiences we all begin to see what we are really made of. Most of the time we underestimate ourselves and accomplish more than we ever imagined.  But there are times when we seem to let ourselves down. We DNF a race. We get injured. We have family problems. Life starts to take a toll and priorities get rearranged. The list can go on! 

For some, when these things happen it can sometimes feel like the end of the world. Any change in plans and all of a sudden you forgot how to shower. When all you have to do is take a step into another direction and change your perspective and keep a positive outlook. Sounds so simple and I will be the first to say it can be hard. I can get into my past with alcoholism, eating disorders and other addictions and say that I can over come anything after that, but the truth is, it only made me who I am today. It gave me experience but not necessarily answers. In the past few years I have really been tested on all realms and that is when I was in dire need of a perspective adjustment. 

With my most recent situation ( In short, I need knee surgery March 16th, recovery will be up to 9 months to get where I was. I had to pull out of events, stop teaching yoga and not being able to do a lot of things that include my job, hobbies and keeping my sanity) some may think I would be down and out for the count. But that is NOT the case. I gave myself 10 mins to sob it out. A day or so to rest and really get a feel for what my body is capable of and then began to set goals. This situation is one set back I would of never imagined for myself and certainly one I would never wish on anyone. I decided I need to put my energy into something else, even multiple things.  Being a better coach, working on my business, blogging more, physical therapy, recovery, creating workouts that I can do, staying involved with the OCR community and making sure to put forth effort to be present and give 100%.  By changing my direction I was able to create attainable goals and in the end making my self proud. No I am not able to run, compete, or do the things I absolutely love, but I am using this time to work on my weaknesses. (Remind you it is not all about the physical.)

Some things I learned that have helped to adapt and overcome 

1. Don't be so hard on yourself.

This one is number one for a reason. So many times we can talk down about ourselves and become our own worst critic. Whether we have failures or "not so good" outcomes, family problems,  or injuries, we can get into thinking we are not good enough. Comparing ourselves to others could be another huge problem that will effect self-esteem and confidence.  So.... DON'T DO IT! We are all different. Our bodies are different, we have different stories and we all have our strengths.

2. Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't.

Simple as it says. Right now I can't run or teach spin and I won't be able to for a while, but I can row, bike, elliptical and swim. So you better believe I will be ready for a Triathlon once I start hitting the trails again. You have a schedule change, and you can't do your classes at night you normally do. Well, create a new plan of action and get to new classes in the AM or try working out on your own. 

3. Stop having a pity party.

Yes, you're allowed to be sad and you will be. But lets be real, no one wants to be around negative people who are constantly talking about how shitty things have gone and blah blah blah. So if you're sitting on that pity pot thinking "Poor ME!", PLEASE!! I beg, take the shit, get off the pity pot and flush it! I guarantee you that someone is experiencing something similar but so much worse and is out there smiling. You are not the only one who has gone through it. Letting the situation paralyze us physically and emotionally will just get us farther from coming back stronger.  This can work for every situation. 

4. Turn your attention to others.

Oh yah! There are other people in the world besides you going through shit. So instead of instantly having diarrhea of the mouth and sharing your negative vibes, ask someone else how they are. Maybe even go out of your way for someone. This is something that gets overlooked and should be a big part of everyone's daily life. Altruism is a healer of a lot of emotional damage. Let's just make sure we don't go posting on Facebook about good deed of the day. Stay humble!

5. Set new goals.

We get derailed sometimes for goal and at times we may have set unattainable goals from the get go. I am not saying setting huge goals are bad, but make sure to keep in mind S.M.A.R.T.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Relevant and Time. 

My goals this year have become unattainable due time I will need to recover. So setting more specific goals for months leading up my full recovery will have to do. I try and set weekly goals so I can feel that sense of accomplishment and still make myself proud. Even creating daily To DO lists for a little extra confidence booster. But remember, don't be too hard on yourself if smaller obstacle happen to pop up. Dogs get out, I spill my coffee before a meeting, I become late for clients  and have to spend more time at work and realize I can't workout. Guess what? It is not the end of the world. I have tomorrow. 

6. Look at the situation as a learning opportunity. 

A DNF? ( Did not finish) Yah you didn't finish a race, but it was a race that probably less than 50% of the population would of signed up for. No matter the case there is a reason why you didn't finish. Low blood sugar? Eat more. Hypothermia? Figure out what works best to keep YOU warm. Injuries? Get recovered and focus on injury prevention. There are so many other things you can do. In my case I need to learn to do other things that will keep me busy. This includes learning things to grow my business, to create workouts,  to become more spiritual and learn how to help others. 

7. Surround yourself with positive people.

No matter how well liked you are, there are always people that are secretly happy you are going through what ever it is you're going through. It sounds messed up but through experience it could be some that seem like they really care. There may be people that even enable you to sit on that pity pot and feed in to your own negativity. What you really need are people that are stern but supportive. I choose to surround myself with people with similar goals and lifestyle. Even reaching out to others that have been through a comparable situations to see how they overcame that goal. 

Another part of this step is removing the toxic people from your life.

8. Share your experience

Remember how I said, " Reaching out to others that have been through a comparable situation? Well one day you may need to share your experience to help others. This also goes along with #4 Turn your attention to others.

9. Read. Read. Read. 

There are so many articles, blogs and books on everything we can possibly go through. Self help books, memoirs, and even fantasy can get us to a better place mentally. Keeping our mind working on something else besides our problem will allow us to stay positive and have a different perspective. This also goes along with #6, Look at the situation as a learning opportunity. Take on new hobbies, read about something you never have before. Want to know how to solve a Rubik's cube? Do it!

10. Make the most of everyday

Everyday no matter the circumstance is a new opportunity to grow. What are you doing today to get you where you want to be tomorrow? Do you want to go to bed at night wishing you would of done something different? Go to bed knowing you did everything you could of in that 24 hours to help benefit you and those around you. If you go to bed knowing you couldn't do a certain thing, remember #1, Don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes we have to accept the things we can't change, change the things we can and knowing the difference is key. One thing I know we can always change is our perspective. 

Being a badass isn't just about kicking ass in your sport, but it's about kicking ass in life. Can you adapt and overcome obstacles and comeback from it even stronger? Hell ya you can! And HELL YA I WILL!