A new challenge is approaching and just in time to train for the Spartan Race Castaic Sprint! 

This challenge isn't just about aesthetics , but about performance as well! 

What's included :

Updated weekly workouts

Nutritional guidelines

Discounted training and bootcamp passes

Weekly challenges that will earn you points

Winners will be based off points earned throughout the 8 weeks. How to earn points will be updated and emailed weekly with workouts.

Person with most points at end of 8 weeks will receive a stack of supplements from , 5 one on one sessions, boot camp card and more! 

Email ashley@becomingbadass.me for further questions or to reserve your spot!

$125 for 8 weeks or $200 for 8 weeks AND 3 one on one training sessions !!

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Here are some testimonials from the last challenge!


I remember the first time walking into Ashley's cycle class, I think I made it about half way through before I ended up walking out afraid I might vomit or pass out. I knew I was out of shape but had no idea to what extent. Shortly after I started a group training with her in August 2013.  During those training sessions I realized what a workout should really feel like and I fell in love how it made me feel. I have participated in many of her challenges. The most recent was an 8 week challenge that was focused on performance. I am fairly small and never seem to do well in the previous challenges that were based off of physical changes (but I've seen others do amazing and transform their bodies I just 4weeks!). Entering this challenge, still recovering from an injury I knew I had a lot to improve on. My physical appearance is still the same but I am much stronger, endurance is better and I have more motivation and drive to continue my fitness journey. She has taught me to believe in myself, that my body can endure much more then I think it can. She is so supportive and really wants to see everyone reach their full potential. She might be strict and tough but it's only because she wants to see everyone improve and push themselves. Once you stope being comfortable is when you rely start to see changes. So whether you get a punch card and start going to bootcamps (which every new person I've met absolutely loves!! They all love the positive vibes, the support from not only Ashley but the other boot campers as well), buy a training plan (I personally love to keep me on the right tract when I'm training for a race or in between challenges) or purchase one on one training sessions with Ashley you will not be disappointed. She has helped me to become a better athlete and taught me how to properly fuel my body so I can perform my best. Thank you Ashley for pushing me and believing in me! 


This challenge is by far my favorite.  I didn’t go into this challenge expecting to win.  Yeah it would be nice to win but that’s not why I wanted to do it.  All I wanted when I signed up for this was to see improvement in myself and to get in better shape for races.  As long as that happens I’ll be happy.  This challenge started off like the last one that I did.  The first couple of weeks were rough.  Trying to adjust to the amount of food and only eating certain foods was tough but after a while I got used to it.  The workouts were challenging but good, always getting a little more challenging as the weeks went on.  The random weekly or daily challenge made it fun and kept us on our toes.  After the first couple of weeks I didn’t see too much of a change.  I might have lost a pound or two and as far as my strength and endurance goes, it was slowly starting to improve but nothing too noticeable.  Yes it did kind of get me down but I just had to keep telling myself something that I’ve heard Ashley say a couple times which is to "trust the process."  Everyone is different and things aren’t going to change overnight.  Reminding myself of that really help me push through the challenge.   Before I knew it I was starting to notice little changes here and there.  During my workouts I was able to go heavier or I was able to make it through the set without having to stop or slow down.  My running was starting to improve more and more.  I was able to run longer distances at a comfortable pace without having to slow down or stop.   Towards the last couple of weeks I notice that my physical appearance was starting to change which made me happy. What made me even happier was having other people tell me how much I’ve changed.  I have to say that I am very happy with my results.  I feel amazing, I feel good about how my performance has improved and about how I look.  Thanks Ashley for this great challenge!


What started out as a love/hate relationship with your bootcamps, workouts in general and your food prepping, has turned into a 100% LOVE relationship!  With the 8 week challenge coming to an end ive realized that this has become a large part of my life, and not just for the last 8 weeks, but really for the last year and a half that I have had the pleasure of calling you my trainer. I have become the person that my friends and co workers come towith help on what to eat and what not to eat. What to do when they're starting to work out or if they just want to change what they're currently doing. Although I am still a work in progress and will probably always be because "Becoming Badass" to me is all about pushing yourself,  getting out of your comfort zone and trying things you never thought you could or would do. I am the happiest with myself that I have even been, both physically and mentally. I am so grateful to you and all your awesomeness for pushing me to be the best I can be!!  Next stop, my first half marathon. . .and then who knows what I let you talk me into =)