Throw spear into haystack. Retrieve spear. Go back to appropriate spot. Repeat. Throwing the spear multiple times (about 30 ish times) before I leave for a race has become ritual. Not only does it remind my body and mind how to throw the spear, it gets me pumped up for race day! As I am packed and ready to go I pick up my fellow Spartans and we hit the road for another Spartan race. This time in the fabulous Las Vegas! Actually it was in Jean, NV, but lets just say Vegas for the 'Cool" factor. 


This race is a Super which is about 9 miles and 20 ish obstacles. My team Becoming Badass had about 12 people on the team and that team included my dad and others that were about to complete their first Spartan Super. Yes I knew from the beginning, with NO doubt, that they ALL would complete it.

Race day has arrived along with nerves and excitement! We arrived at the venue with thousands of others. First up is the Elite wave, this is when I lay it all out, go hard and compete with other elite women, but most of all myself. The women in the Elite wave are no joke, three women from the Spartan Pro Team and other amazing athletes are there for the same reason. As it gets closer to start time everyone starts warming up and you see others sizing up their competition and getting ready to give it their all. Looks can be deceiving. 

The smoke bomb is thrown and we are released to go. In the first hundred yards you are in a heard of Spartan women running up a hill, breathing heavy and trying to make their way to the front. Within the first mile fatigue sets in and soon racers are backing off and the top ten are quickly known. The course was a runner's course with longer periods with no obstacles and obstacle heavy sections, especially at the end. By mile seven I was aware of my placing, which was around seventh to ninth place. Going back and forth with Tiffany Novakovich, we steadily moved forward to the last mile, which was heavy with obstacles that can be considered hard or not do able causing one to do penalty burpees. Both Tiffany and I got away burpee free moving us up in placing. At this point I am not sure where I stand in placing and assumed around fifth or sixth.  NOTE TO SELF: Never assume and always push your hardest till you're completely done. I crossed the finish line and was informed that I came in fourth. FOURTH!!! Are you kidding me?? I was that close to a podium finish?! Never, ever, ever, ever again will I assume. Lets just say if I would of known that during the last mile I would of maxed myself out! Either way I was satisfied with the result and I had another lap to do with my father and the Becoming Badass team. 

Earlier in the week I was contacted by Spartan to do an interview at the venue during race day. The videographers followed me during the race and then interviewed me before racing with my father and team. It got emotional and at the same time I was completely motivated to hit the course again despite some foot pain. By noon the team was ready to go and we had front and center at the start line. Our team was full of different levels of athletes and I told my father I would stick with him. (If he wasn't too fast. HAHA) And we are off! Again.


This time hitting the course I knew what to expect and was able to let my team know when to expect the hardest climb and the obstacle heavy areas. My dad was on a mission and was killing it! I was staying with him and another one of the teammates Raquel. Keeping a good pace and helping out with obstacles we were moving along quickly! Coming up to the spear throw my dad was watching and taking notes, he throws the spear and he hits it! One thing has has been wanting to master. Now as we are approaching the last obstacles the Spartan team of videographers are following every foot step. We clear the Tarzan swing and we are off to jump over fire! We finish yet another race TOGETHER and Spartan was there to capture the moments that have meant the most to me.


Other teammates come in I see their faces lit up and so much excitement. The energy is so positive and everyone was on cloud nice. With the acheivement of a harder race everyone is on a mission to complete their Trifecta 2015. I will be there to help them each step of the way. 


As a Spartan SGX coach I get to help others achieve something that can't be priced. The empowerment one gets from finishing a Spartan race is undeniable. You are tested not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. You get stronger, build confidence and have a sense of empowerment that can make one feel UNBREAKABLE.


You'll know at the finish line. 


Go to and find a race near you today. Join Team Becoming Badass 

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