Finally, a week during this program that I get to complete 100%! After three weekends of back to back races I felt the urge to take time off because I "Earned" some rest.  When in reality I knew this was the time to buckle down, get my training on point and use the next five weeks wisely. My goals are no longer for aesthetics but for performance and I am ready to perform at my best. All though having some shredded abs and glutes would be awesome, I just don't obsess about it or use the scale to measure my progress. Speaking of weighing in, I haven't weighed myself in over two months (Slam the scale did me good!). I track my progress by my races. Not if I win or place, but how I FEEL. 


This past week was a chance to get my butt back into a routine again and it felt great. I had some pain in my IT band at the beginning of the week and also some inflammation in my back causing neck pain. I only ran about 15 miles this week but still taught cycle three times and kept my cardio up. Surprisingl, the neck pain only hurt during dead lifts, so my dead lift game during the week was, well... WEAK.  I did my normal yoga routines, adjustments and have been incorporating massages once a week on recovery days. My weekend was finally free and of course I took it outside for a two hour hike/run/ walk (whatever my body felt like doing) before my gym session. By Sunday my body was feeling awesome and back to where I needed to be.
As each week goes by I feel that my nutrition is getting better. I never expect it to be perfect and I am totally ok with that. I'm not doing this to deprive or restrict myself, I am doing this to find balance and every week is getting better. If I eat something that isn't my idea of clean I take a mental note on how I feel and performance the following day. If I feel that my performance is being effected you better believe I won't be eating that again, especially close to race days.  

Continuing to improve and looking forward to the next week! Time to see what I can do.