Five weeks into a new program I am finally able to feel the changes in my body. Like I said in week 4, I don't use the scale to measure my progress. I was able to complete two weeks with no races and I am feeling the body adjusting to these workouts. The workouts are challenging and I get to work on things that I never really intended on working on with previous programs (Which were usually for bikini competitions). 

This weekend I attended Wanderlust, which was a 5k and yoga festival and got to finally have a relaxing and non competitive event. During the two days of being there my eating was not great but I was able to eat well throughout the week. Again, my goal is to find balance in life, training and with food. I was full of energy when arriving back into town Saturday ( it could of been the hammer head coffee and cold brew I had on the way home) and was looking forward to my workout. This workout was 2 miles 200 burpees, 120 wall balls and chest/tricep workout. After the "warm-up" (2miles, 200 burpees and 120 wall balls) I started doing the lifting part of the workout. After the first set of dumbbell bench press I noticed my elbows were not having it. I had been dealing with some elbow pain and wasn't expecting it to effect me this night. I continued with the workout and after 2-3 exercises I decided it was time to end the workout. With some rest and joint support I hope to get these elbows back on track!

Overall the weeks have been flying by and I feel that I can start to track my progress a little more efficiently and compare workouts from previous weeks.  

Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got one flat.