As a trainer, coach, instructor, mentor, motivator or whatever you call me, I have had tons of opportunities to create workout plans, nutrition plans, run boot camps and train thousands of people over the past 8 years. Throughout those years I have created plans for myself as well for all different goals, ranging from marathon training to my first bikini competition to Spartan Races. In my experience with competing I realized having a coach was one of the best experiences and having the accountability helps reach goals that were thought at one time unreachable. I got to taste first hand what I was doing for others and it was exactly what I needed. 

Being a coach myself I felt that I should be able to do it myself, I should be able to stick with my plans and the "I should 's increased.  After competing I created many plans to keep myself in check and some of them were perfect for what I was wanting to achieve, but holding MYself accountable has become a struggle. Battling eating disorders, body image issues and other addictions, being held accountable has been one tool that has helped me through the darkest of times. 

One of my inspirations, Ashley Horner, has always been a motivation through my fitness endeavors and I respect her knowledge and experience. I was intrigued when she recently posted about the Horner Elite Team and was only taking on a number of women to coach. With an application process I thought it wouldn't hurt to try out; within a few days I had been answered back and was accepted! This opportutnity could not have came at a better time! I was currently struggling and my eating disorder was lingering and everyday was a lotto on how the day would end. 


Within in a week I got a two week food plan and workouts for Test weeks, testing strength, speed, endurance and core. Over the next two weeks sticking with the food plan was still a struggle, I kept debating on making the commitment and having a lot of races coming up I didn't know if it would beneficial or if it was something Ashley and I could work around. I finished the two weeks, not perfect but I finished them. I reached out to Ashley and told her the dilemma and she agreed it was something we could work around and still commit to the plan and workout as much as possible while giving time to get ready for races.  


With my goals and activity level submitted with application, I was sure the workouts were going to be nothing less than intense. I run competitively against other Elite athletes in Spartan Races, I have a history of competing at a National level in bikini competitions, I am a coach myself and push others and myself out of their comfort zones and teach up to eight different group exercise classes a week, I was not expecting an easy workout. 

Week one showed up in the email on a Wednesday evening and there was no waiting till Monday to start, Thursday it was. I took a look at the workouts and knew that they would be longer workout, but I said I have the availability to do longer workouts and I am grateful for that. First workout was complete. Hard? Yes. Unrealistic? I stuck close with the nutrition and got through day one. Day two was a leg day and lets just say it felt like a day. I underestimated the time I needed for the workout and had to go back to try gym to finish. I still continue to teach my classes in addition to the workouts so the amount of time working out and being physical is usually a minimum of 2 hours.  


This first week was trial and error and getting a feel for the workout, time needed and a realistic time frame to get things done. Knowing now I can't wait to continue on the journey and improve on the workouts. 

With three race weekends in a row it will be hard to stick with the workout plan to the T, but I am willing to try!  


I will be blogging this journey on the Horner Elite and will be interested to see the changes!