Coming up on week 3 I had a lot of negative emotion. I felt like I wasn't able to give it my all with training because of race schedule. I had to remind my self I knew this getting into the plan and even talked with Ashley about it. We knew it was going to have to be rearranged and moved around some to perform well during races but I still felt a little down and some what guilty. I was soon reminded why I wanted to do this. I wanted to do this to get stronger, change my routine, build healthier relationship with food and exercising and kill it in the races, NOT to obsess about following a plan.


This week I made sure to rearrange my workouts so I was doing my leg day at the beginning of the week so my legs would be fresh for this weekend's Ragnar relay in Zion. Then keeping my other workouts consistent. I was able to get three workouts in between last weeks Spartan and this weekend's travel including teaching two cycle class and three yoga classes.  Finding that balance to rest and recover has not been the easiest thing for me, but I KNOW to perform at optimum levels I need to recover.


I feel I am getting stronger by listening to my body, recovering when needed and when I am working out, pushing it out of my comfort zone. The past few weeks have been hard to stay committed to the food with traveling, but when I get home, I am right back where I left off. I will have no more traveling over the next 40 days and look forward to training  a whole week through and staying on track....

Time to make my self proud.