The SOCAL Beast, one of many races put on by Spartan held in Temecula, CA. With estimated high temperatures of 105 degrees + on race day, September 13, 2014, one of my proudest days.

Completing my first Spartan race in December of 2013 in Malibu, CA in freezing cold conditions, I had my first taste of Spartan and certainly not my last. I always loved running, completing races and the excitement of pushing my limits, but this was different. The people were different, the terrain was different and the excitement was definitely something new to me. I completely fell in love. My body, mind and emotions were all tested in just 4 miles and 15+ obstacles. 

After my first Sprint I decided to go for the Las Vegas Super where I placed second in my age group in the Open heat. I decided to sign up as an Elite for the Monterey Beast where I placed sixth in the Women's Elite heat. Then the Hawaii Trifecta weekend, completing all distances in one weekend. I ran in the Women's Elite heat for the Super and placed seventh, and after the Super I ran the Sprint and placed top 5. The following day I ran the Beast in the open heat and placed top 10.  I guess you would say things were getting pretty serious. I began to start thinking of achieving something I would of thought impossible a year before. I set a goal for myself to reach the Podium in 2015, placing Top 3 in the Women's Elite heat. 


The next race on the list was the SoCal Beast in Temecula, CA.  With a small ankle injury from the Hawaii Trifecta, I wasn't running as much as I was for the previous races, but I kept the intensity up. Keeping my nutrition, hydration and training in check weeks before, I came in with a good mind set and a goal to "Just Finish."  

At the starting line I took off with a good pace, something that can be maintained, trying not to let the excitement get me too pumped up and hit a pace that I couldn't keep. Going over some serious hills and going through new obstacles, I was keeping up with the top Elite women. For a few miles I was actually in first place until I reached the Bucket Carry, "The Back Breaker." One of my least favored obstacles. I struggled, where some cleared it no problem and my lead was lost.     I wasn't too sure where I was, I would have some Elite men tell me I was third, some said fourth. Either way I was Top 5 and that was better than I have ever done before in the Elite heat. 

Toward the end of the race I reached the Spear Throw, "The Burpee Maker." I saw the other top women completing their burpees as I arrived, I decided to take my time and catch my breath before rushing into this obstacle. It paid off! I hit the Spear Throw and was off right behind the other top two. At that point the course crew was cheering me on and notified me that I was third and there was no sign of the next women behind me. Lets just say the last mile and a half was a breeze!  Last obstacle was the rope climb where I got up the fastest I ever had and then I sprinted towards that finish line where the Top 2 were cheering me on and Spartan officials taking pictures. I did more than just finish, I finished Top 3 in the Women's Elite Heat. 


 A few minutes after I was interviewed, asking how I felt and what it meant to me. I told them how proud I was, how unexpected it was and that I am so glad I can inspire more people to push their limits. I cried out of pure happiness. I had amazing friends there to congratulate me along with my new friends from Spartan SGX.  Thank you for all who believe in me and supporting my goals. 


I reached the podium in 2014! My goal was to reach the podium in 2015. Now that I know it is possible I can do it again in 2015. Keep an eye out, I will be training harder, eating better and putting my heart into my next races.



Follow my journey to the Podium in 2015! I will be posting frequent blogs on training, nutrition and all things that go on between now and then!