All or nothing!!! Go big or go home!!! One extreme or the other!! That is pretty much how I have always been, whether it's with drinking and partying or with living a "healthy" lifestyle. But what is healthy?

There are so many different ideas and concepts of healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. "Clean" eating, competing, obsessively working out, Team no days off and the list can go on! All these require huge amount of dedication, disciple and even some deprivation.  I know this because I was once there. 

Doing bikini competitions since early 2012 , I was always striving for that "perfect" body. I would diet down, be in the gym for hours ( even more than I am now ), have no social life and even watch an eating disorder progress.  I won't get into that because that's a blog itself! But after competing, losing a lot of weight or doing some type of weight loss program, we become stuck. We think that's the only way to live. We have a fear of gaining that weight back, not seeing results and a fear of eating! 

When living a healthy lifestyle it's not only about the physical, but the mental and emotional aspects as well. I can spend endless hours in the gym, eat the same foods, spend hours in the kitchen and have a 6 pack, but my relationships, job and well being are going to suffer. Being on prep or on a weight loss program is meant to be temporary, not a way to live full time. We are human. We need human interaction, we need to enjoy activities with other people, travel, experience new foods and stay out of our selves! 

After being on a competition prep for ten plus weeks or losing 100+ pounds, our bodies and our mind need a break. We find that balance that everyone strives to have. And for some (like myself) it's a constant battle.

Don't get me wrong, I still spend hours in the gym, just not as many. I still prep my food for the day, but I also allow myself to grab a piece of fruit or have a bar regardless of the sodium. I still carry a gallon of water around because water is expensive if you buy it at random places. I still do a lot of what is required to live that "healthy" lifestyle, but I also enjoy frozen yogurt with a friend,  without guilt! I travel to new places and enjoy the food they have to offer. I don't freak out if I missed a workout. I take rest days when my body is telling me to rest. I do the things I love to do, like Obstacle course races, and I eat to perform, not for a 6 pack. I am learning to love my body for what it does for me,  I feed it good nutrients and energy to fuel kick ass workouts. And I feed myself those treats that I want, so I don't feel deprived. 

Like I said, it's a constant battle. But I have my whole life to find the perfect balance. And so do you !  


lease feel free to contact me you have the struggle as well. I want to inspire others to live a happy and healthy life... Physically, mentally and emotionally.