Run a Spartan race? Pffsssshh! Run two maybe even three in a weekend? In Hawaii? Sure! Why not?? 

Making the decision to run my first Trifecta weekend may have led me to one of the best weeks of my life! I had two wonderful women, Darlene and Katie, by my side the whole week and we spent our time hiking, eating and doing burpees up to race day. 


This was their first Spartan race and my first trifecta weekend, so you could say there was a lot of excited and nervous energy!

Race day arrived and we showed up with tons of energy and good vibes! Before the race started I ran into The Painted Warrior,Stephen Sinek. He was planning on running the trifecta as well, but an injury held him back. That chat had such an impact on my perspective and I became grateful for the ability to attempt to accomplish something so huge.

The Super was my first race and I was running in the Elite heat with some amazing athletes. I was up against some serious athletes and was proud to keep up! I was neck to neck for top 5, and heard a snap and managed to roll my ankle pretty good. I stopped  and walked it off getting passed. After a few minutes I picked up the pace and caught back up and met her at the rope climb, one of the last obstacles of the race, she managed to get up faster than me and then we both missed the Spear throw! BURPEES! Then crossing that finish line to collect one out of three medals for the weekend. Stephen made the decision to run the sprint and still managed to kick ass! And seeing him at the finish made the finish that much better! My girls Darlene and Katie both got top two in their division and they were pumped waiting for me after the race. I am so glad I was there to experience their FIRST and certainly not last race with them.


I had an hour till hitting the trails again and running my second race of the weekend, the Sprint. I ate, drank water and laid on the ground until about ten minutes before start time. I had plans to go easy and just finish with no injuries. Of course competive nature kicks in and I did more than I expected and it turned out great! This race was my favorite out of all the races. Why you ask!?? NO Burpees!!! I hit that spear throw and yelled a loud "Fuck yah!"  I was glowing when I crossed that finish line and felt aaaaahmazing! The rest of the day was rest and refuel for the next day's race, The Beast! 

That morning my ankle was swollen, I was more nervous than the day before and had a lot of emotion. There was a lot of talk about how brutal it was, how hydration packs were needed and I was crazy for not having one. So instantly I start to doubt my physical abilities. I know deep down I am capable of a lot and I don't use hydration packs with races that have multiple water stations. Deep down I freaked... When my girls walked me up to the race I began to tear up, and I began to question why I was doing this. I could go and enjoy my last day in Hawaii and just chill... Sounds great! But NO! I came there to get my trifecta! And so one more race was between me and accomplishing that goal! And off I went!

My goal was to finish in one piece and listen to my body. I did just that.  The race was all types of great! The terrain, the view and of course the fellow spartans!  I finished that race feeling more amazing than the day before and full of energy. I crossed that finish line going straight for that Green medal! Trifecta complete!  AROO!!



I am absolutely thrilled by this accomplishment and can't wait for the next! When you have doubt don't let it ruin what you're really trying to accomplish. We are all capable of so much more than we think!