Are you in a rut? Do you need some new motivation or a jump start on your new fitness journey? But most of all, are you up for a challenge??

The first 4 week challenge was a huge success and I am super excited to start another challenge August 25th! Payment and first set of progress pictures will be due August 21st.

weeks of complete nutrition plan, workouts to follow, one free bootcamp and special pricing on one on one personal training! Progress pictures must be sent weekly to receive new plan! 
TWO Winners will receive a 6 Pack Bag, one hour massage, box of quest bars and Becoming Badass Bootcamp punch card. If you are not in my area you are still free to join. All communication is done via email and text unless you are a current or future :) client. 

Cost of challenge is $150.... knowledge and confidence earned ...PRICELESS 

Here are a few testimonials and progress pictures from the challenge!


Let me start by saying, "Wow". I've been going to the gym for years and never see a difference. I've always known that I was doing something wrong and when Ashley offered this challenge, I said, "Let's do it, she obviously knows her shit". The results that I've seen during this challenge is clearly mind blowing, amazing and it all comes down to nutrition. Before this challenge I would eat when I remembered or had time, "BIG MISTAKE". I will say this wasn't the easiest thing by any means, eating five meals a day in the beginning, I honestly thought it was a joke. My body got used to it and I was actually hungry every three hours. So a big thanks to Ashley for this challenge and a great lesson learned. 


I had been going to the gym for about1 year and had not really seen much of a difference.  So, when Ashley presented this 4 week transformation/challenge I was intrigued and was hoping this is what would make a difference for me.  I will admit the first week was rough for me but I stayed true to the plan and trusted Ashley with what she was telling me to do.  I learned during the 4 weeks that nutrition is a big part of this process along with fitness.


The challenge has taught me a lot.  After losing 84 pounds in 2012 I thought that there wasn't anything that I didn't know about living a healthy lifestyle.  After being laid off from my job and transitioning into a completely different, unexpected career, I became completely unfocused and knew that I had to get back to basics before spiraled into old habits.  Learning to meal-prep again made such a difference.  Between work, raising a family, and continuing my education, I found that having my meals ready for the day took away that mental struggle I always have..."what am I going to eat, do I have time to stop somewhere, I don't want to eat something bad, I don't have time to think about healthy today, what am I doing?...Giving in and giving up cannot be an option.  Using food as fuel, combining the right ingredients at the right time, finally clicked.  I didn't think about weight loss, I didn't think about numbers on the scale, I just followed the plan.  I stuck to it, as tired as I was most nights with a few dumbbells, resistance bands, and a treadmill in my spare room, I did it.  I swore in the beginning that I was eating too much to see any results but each week I felt stronger.  I could see the definition in my arms and shoulders and my clothes started to loosen!  When completing the workouts, I had to learn proper form so I looked on Youtube and worked out in front of a mirror.  I am so proud of all I have accomplished in 4 weeks.  This is more work in 4 weeks than I have ever done and I had my doubts in the beginning because of my lack tools for the job.  I didn't give myself enough credit for pushing through and giving my personal best every day.  That's what matters and that's what this challenge did for me.  It's definitely a part of me now. :)


I'm amazed at the results I've obtained in such a short period of time.  The meal plan really kept me on track and gave me some really good tips I have incorporated beyond the challenge, like meal prepping.  This has been a real life saver as I always have a "quick" meal option in my fridge so it's less tempting to cheat and helps me stay on track.  Also, since doing the challenge I'm now able to better gauge what my food portions should be.  Another bonus is I was never hungry during the fact there were a few instances when it was a challenge to finish all the meals in a day.  But Ashley encouraged me to do my best to finish the meals and doing so really did kick my metabolism into gear and eliminated any bouts of hunger.  The weight training part of the challenge really helped to change my body in less time than just doing Cardio, which was my main focus prior to this challenge.  While "weight loss" isn't the primary focus of the challenge, I did lose a dress size after 4 weeks and met my personal goal.  I'm a true believer now that in order to change your body and sustain better health, you gotta add strength training in your routine and 80-90% hinges on your diet!  Ashley is an awesome trainer and is very supportive all along the way...she's tough and will kick your butt in gear, but if 'Becomng Badass" is your goal, she'll get you there! ;)  ~~ K.D.


 Email me if you're ready to challenge yourself!!