For those that caught me on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch, you know that I beat seven other girls and was able to make it all the way to the end... literally the end! I beat an MMA fighter, a super fit crossfitter and a pro football player. My endurance proved that my training is paying off and I was able to excel through out the competition. Once I made it through all the girls, the Skull Buster was next. An obstacle course full of some brutal obstacles. Running with a thirty pound log, crawling under barbed wire, crawling over nets, balancing, crawling across a rope, jumping walls, ice cold water and a hill that would slow anyone down. But most of all a 17' rope climb. 

The obstacles were a familiar environment for me and some I have done before. Once I got to the last obstacle, the Rope Burn, I was tired, not completely worn out but fatigued. My recovery rate is great and I had a moment to recover and get myself together. After trying to climb for about ten minutes I realized I had no specific technique but continued to climb until they said I can't climb any more. My legs and hands were bloody with rope burn and I was disappointed. 

When being interviewed after the Skull Buster, I realized that I was truly grateful to have the opportunity to compete in the competition, to make it as far as I did and to push my self to a new limit, not only physically but emotionally. I knew that what I accomplished was only the beginning and I had so much more in store for me. I left the ranch knowing I gave it my all and I needed to work on my rope climb! 

A few weeks later I went to Vegas for a Super Spartan race and of course there is a rope climb. When running up to the rope climb I stared at the rope and then just went for it. I climbed that rope and rang that bell and just jumped in the water. After I rang the bell I was running up a hill and had tears of joy, knowing I rang that bell was huge! Not $10,000 huge, but a huge accomplishment! It shows that when you work for something you can achieve anything!  I knew my weak points and I worked on them. I now own a rope and will be climbing that rope until I can't climb anymore. I plan to make rope climbing a strength of mine no longer a weakness.  


So for those of you that watched and were rooting for me, I promise if I was to have the opportunity again , I WILL climb up that rope and ring that bell!