What is a Trifecta? When running a Spartan race you have the option to run different distances. The Spartan sprint is 3+ miles/15+ obstacles and great race to start with. A Super Spartan is 8+ miles/20+ obstacles. The Spartan Beast is 12+ miles/25+ obstacles and will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. You can earn your Trifecta by doing all three distances in a calendar year or get it done in one weekend at certain locations. Few will do their Trifecta in one weekend and I am one of those few. 

With only 19 days left I am getting eager to see how my training will pay off. I am always training to push my limits and see what I am capable of doing, and that is exactly why I signed up for this race.  

This past weekend was the Spartan Trifecta Canada and was definitely motivation to see people finish that inspire and motivate me daily. I know it can be done and It encourages me to push hard the next 2 weeks before my taper week begins. 

Along with my workouts, my diet has changed as well. Going from a bikini competitior'a diet to a Spartan in training was a little hard. I had to learn to eat to perform, rather than eat for aesthetics and NOT feel guilty for eating so much.  It was a hard transition and is getting easier as I see myself excelling in races, hitting PR's and getting stronger!  


Follow me on my journey and Check back for updates!  

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