One year ago I was lining up at a start line, freezing cold, not knowing what to expect and wondering what it was I was going to have to do. I told myself I was going to take it easy, but once we were released to go, I took off into the unexpected. The cold, rainy weather, mud and ice cold water was only a piece of what I was experiencing. Along the way I was running up steep hills, climbing over walls, crawling under what felt like a mile of barb wire, climbing ropes and doing burpees in the mud. I managed to finish and never felt so alive. That day was December 7th, 2013 in Malibu, CA at the Spartan Malibu Sprint, the day that marks the date when I would never be the same. 


Flash forward to December 6th 2014 again in Malibu, CA. This time I am starting with some of Spartan's Elite women and ready to take on the course. I felt good, I felt excited to have come this far. My life in the past year has completely changed, from my attitude, to the way I train and to how I approach every obstacle in my life. 


It is go time and we are off! I manage to keep up with the top two women within the first half of the race, managing a good pace and feeling confident. I get to the spear throw and miss, 30 Burpees (2-3 min penalty). The next obstacle was the dip bars, something new to me and something I had struggled with and again failed obstacle, 30 burpees ( another 2-3 mins). By this time I had done 60 burpees within 5 minutes and I was feeling the effects. I knew I was close to the finish and the next obstacles were going to be to my advantage and it was to be smooth sailing from there. 


I was wrong. I approached the rope climb with confidence and made it up to the top which felt the fastest I have ever climbed up. On the last pull up the rope was so slippery with each grab my hand just slipped and I made the decision to climb down and do my 30 burpees ( you guessed it, another 2-3 min).  I made sure to tell my friend and fellow Spartan to use a different rope! After that I ran across that finish line and got my medal! I was greeted by amazing people and high fived, hugged and encouraged. 


I had a sense of disappointment, but I realized that there are good days, bad days and maybe those in-between. The day wasn't over and I had one more race to race and this time it was with a group from Becoming Badass Bootcamp and my father. Most were newbies to the Spartan community and were more nervous and excited to experience something new and challenging.  Between the races I had the opportunity to lead fellow Spartans in warming up and pumping them up to race. I met a lot of great people and I was able to share my experience with others to help them be successful during the race. 


Start time was approaching and everyone was arriving with great energy. After pre race pictures and warming up it was time to go! Everyone had someone that was close to their pace and no one would be left behind. I planned on staying with my dad the whole time and I did just that. Running the race for a second time with my dad will be a moment in my life I will never forget. I told him from the start there is no cheating, he has to do the burpees and finish strong. He did and I couldn't be more proud. We both missed the spear throw so we did our burpees together and then off we went. We made it through everything else and we got to the rope climb. I got my ass up there and rang that bell. I had to, it was rebuttal. Then my dad tried and got a slippery rope so burpees it was. The finish line was in sight and he knew what was left,  we jumped over the fire and crossed that finish line together. I knew he was hooked. Temecula SoCal Sprint  in January 2015 here we come. 



When I came in with my dad I was greeted by Renee jumping on me and giving me a hug saying thank you. It melted my heart and I was so happy to see everyone succeeding and genuinely enjoying the moment and being so positive.  I had the opportunity to watch a group from my team finish the last few obstacles together. As I watched them I found myself completely in awe and so proud to have been a part of their experience. I got to see them cross the finish line together and when it came to picture time they made sure to drag me in there. Greeted with muddy hugs and high fives. 



I guess you would say this day was a success. No, I didn't finish where I would of liked in the Elite heat but I finished again with some amazing people that I love and I am so proud of.  The day was not only a success, but this past year was a success. With multiple races ran, trifectas earned, a podium finish and becoming a Spartan SGX coach, the most important was ripping people of the couch, getting others to experience what I did and hopefully changing their lives how mine has been changed. 




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