It is 6am on a Sunday morning in San Francisco. It is dark, a little chilly and there are over 25,000 people (majority women) roaming around Union Square trying to find porta potties and their starting corrals. There is music, lights and the chatter of the thousands of women waiting anxiously to start the race that some may have trained months for. The energy is high as the DJ starts to hype the crowd up at the beginning of the starting line and the clock is counting down to let the runners well, RUN! The air horn blows off and the runners run.

Sunday October nineteenth, two thousand fourteen was my twenty-eighth birthday and what better way to start this new year than at the beginning of a starting line. The starting line was at Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco with five other amazing ladies that share some of the same interests as my self, all are clients and now friends. This race was where I ran my first and only marathon (so far) and brought back some amazing and emotional memories.

We walked up to the starting line and before heading to our designated corrals we hugged, prayed, did our Badass chant, then off to our corrals until we met again at the finish line. Once that blow horn went off I knew the next 13.1 miles were going to be fun, hard, emotional and full of memories. I don't run with music so my thoughts are what keep me going. During the next hour and forty-two minutes I began to think of the commitments I was going to make to myself the next three hundred and sixty-five days and by the end of the race I crossed that line knowing I needed to do something to become the best of ME!


For some of the others that ran, it was their first half marathon and I couldn't be happier to have had the opportunity to be a part of their experience. I was so proud of every single one of those women including myself. No matter how long or what they had to do to finish, they finished and that is all that matters. Little do these women know how much they truly inspire me to do more and be a better ME!

The four commitments I decided on were established by using Alan Bishop's S.A.M principle, Simple, Actionable on a daily basis and Measurable over time. I committed to work on different aspects of my life from financial, physical, spiritual and emotional. I want to become more well rounded in all areas of my life in the next three hundred and sixty-five days and that is what lead me to these four commitments: 

Commitment #1 Financial: Creating a monthly budget and sticking with it. Simple right?

Commitment #2 Emotional: Journaling daily, writing about all things that could have affected my emotions. Food, workouts, interactions with others and occurrences throughout the day can all have an effect on my emotions. By journaling I can learn to use that experience and how it effected me in negative and positive and try to create the most positive experiences. 

Commitment #3 Physical: Reducing sugar intake. Sugar for me triggers negative actions with my eating and in the end may cause binging. So I have decided to cut out processed sugars to once a week, max. Why not cut it out completely? I don't want to feel I deprive myself from certain things in life and I will be more likely to give up completely. Balance.

Commitment #4 Spiritual: Mediating for 5 consecutive minutes everyday. NO, Savasana does not count. I will sit in silence, focus on my breath and keep my awareness on the task at hand for 5 minutes. During the next 365 days I plan to read books, tutorials and attend mediation workshops and find what works best for ME. 

By making these four commitments I plan to become aware of my abilities, work on my weaknesses and become the best of ME. 

At the starting line of Nike Women's Half Marathon I looked around and saw 25,000 women looking to feel empowered and at the end of that race I saw 25,000 women that were EMPOWERED. I am one of those women and I WILL be the best of ME by the end of this twenty-eigth year of mine.



Make sure to follow the blogs for updates on my journey. This is a process and of course I will have things that work, some that don't and I can't wait to share my experience!