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Ashley Seeger is a 30 year old Personal trainer and boot camp instructor from Palmdale, CA. She has been training since 2007 and is also a certified  yoga, cycle, and Spartan SGX coach.  Her goal is to inspire and motivate anyone who crosses her path to get off the couch and live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Not only does she encourage others to get out of their comfort zone, but she does the same for herself. 

Ashley has not always practiced what she preached. In the beginning of her training career, her priorities were not what they are today. Having a history with alcoholism, the next drink was her priority. Living a double life became exhausting and after a series of unfortunate events she decided to make a decision that would change her life for good. Ashley got sober in September of 2010 and since then has done a complete one eighty. Fitness has become her priority and by doing so is motivating more people than ever. 

Since then she has completed multiple day endurance events, taken home podium awards, participated and won bikini competitions. She found a passion in competing in obstacle course races, endurance events and loves pushing her body and mind to new limits and seeing what her body can do.  "DO ONLY DIFFICULT THINGS."

Starting Becoming Badass Bootcamp in January of 2014, is something Ashley felt was what she needed to do. Giving others the opportunity to take their workouts outside and creating new and challenging workouts has given the participants to see what they are capable of doing. Most may be intimidated by the name Becoming Badass, it is not only about getting a kick ass workout, but also about taking it to another level, physically, mentally and emotionally. Everyone that attends is like family and pushes one another to go to the next level. There has been so much growth with Becoming Badass Bootcamp and she plans to expand to reach out to as many people as she can. 

After her ACL injury in 2016 she was able to put her energy into coaching and building her business. In the end opening the Becoming Badass Training center!

Instagram: @_ashleyseeger